Remember, it's YOUR wedding...

If you are already engaged, you may have found that there are a whole lot of opinions coming your way. For one reason or another, family members and even friends feel that it is pertinent for them to involve themselves in the details of your wedding. Most times, they do mean well. They feel it’s their duty to share their wisdom, to steer you in the right direction (although often times this usually means essentially steering you in their direction…)

Whether it’s an opinionated mother-in-law that can’t seem to get past her own vision of how your wedding should come together, or your pushy older sister that thinks she knows best and finds every opportunity to put her two cents in, every couple has at least someone that is a little more “caring” than necessary. Even if someone isn’t openly pushing their opinions on you, somehow the pressure to please others can creep in and cloud your own desires for your day. This can happen for a number of reasons - whether it be financial involvement or just a soft spot for someone close to you - the desire to make everyone happy may be enough to drive you insane. Not to mention, when you start focussing on what other’s want, you forget to focus on what you and your fiancé really want, which if you are in this situation, you realize just puts additional stress on an already very sensitive time.

This swings both ways - imagine what could happen if you are both trying to please that specific someone on either side of the family - this can cause a whole other level of unnecessary stress! Let’s face it, being engaged is not all roses and candy, these are some really huge decisions that you two are making and there is enough to deal with between the two of you without involving dad and Aunt Pam into the mix.

Sure, it's practically impossible to completely disregard other’s opinions and feelings (and I am not saying you should) but it is possible to not let it steal your joy! Focus on what you want, and make sure it is known. Communication is key. Communicating your own wants in a loving way can make a world of difference rather than just keeping it in while trying to make everyone else happy, because chances are, they are going to surface one way or another.

If the person you need to communicate to most truly cares for you and how you feel, they will be open to listen and understand where you are coming from. This can clearly go the other way, if the person is not willing to hear your side and is not open to understanding, maybe they aren’t someone you should allow to have such power over these precious moments to begin with. Either way, it is important to make sure that other people are not creeping in the middle of what is meant to be you TWO. If you keep that in the forefront of your mind, everything else should work itself out, and if not, at least you put each other first which is what the goal is anyway, right?

with love,


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