you're ENGAGED, now what?

If you're like most women, getting engaged is pretty much one of the most exciting things that can happen. I mean, from the time we are little girls, we've dreamt of that one moment where our perfect person will express how he cannot live without us, how marrying him will make him the happiest man alive, and of course, this most romantic moment is then topped off by him slipping on that oh, so perfect little ring. Well, if you're anything like me, in the days (and even hours) following this moment you've waited what seemed like forever for, your mind is somehow instantly flooded with the wedding. I mean, it's kinda hard not to go there right way with all the know, the questions..."have you set the date?"..."do you know how many bridesmaids you're going to have?"..."where are you guys getting married?"..."so, when are you going to start planning?"..."what's your color scheme?".....and of course, my favorite, "am I invited?"

Now - let me just pause for a moment and apologize to anyone that may have decided to read this in hopes of gaining some insightful tips on "first steps in wedding planning", or "now that you're engaged, the planning must start right away!" Trust me, these are some of my absolute favorite topics to get into (and I will another time), but it's almost as if we are hardwired to jump right into the logistics, not even leaving any time to really absorb and process what has just happened. He didn't say, "Hey, what do you think about having a wedding", he said "Will you marry me?" You just said YES to spending the rest of your life with someone, and not just anyone, your someone. This deserves some time to sink in - let it marinate. I am not saying you shouldn't be excited to plan your dream wedding (it is SO much fun!), I am just saying, it is okay if you don't have all the answers right away; take some time. Savor being newly engaged. Stare at your ring some more, and better yet, stare longer at the guy who gave it to you. I know this may sound strange coming from a wedding planner but, not everything has to be decided all at once! Don't let the planning process steal your joy and try your very best not to stress about the small stuff. It's all about the road that leads you to marrying your perfect person - if you hold onto this tight, no matter what - everything will turn out beautifully. So, don't worry, be happy!

with love,


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