Tara was a godsend for our 2020 wedding! Of course, being a corona bride in itself was extremely stressful, so to have Tara as our day of coordinator was like a weight lifted off my shoulder. From the moment I first reached out to her, she has been so proactive, easily accessible and supportive during the wedding planning process. Tara was definitely the catalyst for our seamless wedding day timeline. Tara is very knowledgeable in all wedding things. She is very honest and will speak her opinion on things, which I loved. When the pandemic hit, my husband and I were in such a predicament, debating on whether to postpone or not. Of course, Tara reached out to make sure we were okay. Our first decision was to postpone, but a month before the wedding, we decided to go through with it and have an intimate wedding. With such short notice, Tara was able to pull everything off seamlessly. She was in contact with all our wedding vendors to update them on our change and made sure all our vendors were on site the time they needed to be. As the bride, I felt like the wedding day was absolutely perfect. Of course, Tara, my MOH and bridesmaids took care of all the stresses that come with the wedding day so that I didn't have to worry about a thing. On my special day, if she wasn't by my side making sure I was okay or properly hydrated, she was occupied elsewhere making sure everything was going according to plan. I am so glad we had Tara on board. Planning a wedding is hard enough, but planning a wedding during a pandemic is something I don't wish on anyone. Tara was my lifesaver and the reason why we were able to have the wedding of my dreams!

edna & ricky

We hired Tara for full-planning. It was one of the best decisions we made! Tara is very knowledgeable about vendors and venues. She handles everything and made us feel very at ease about the entire process. She always offered her opinion, but never pressured us which we appreciated. For about 1 year, we talked almost every day about the wedding. She really cares and always puts her clients first. We became friends throughout the whole process. She has great taste and knows how to put your vision into reality. She also has very good attention to detail. We highly recommend Tara!

stephen & katie

Where do I start? First let me preface my review by saying that I have known Tara for years. I went to college with her and while we always got along, we were not close, but I always thought she was lovely. Ten years later, wedding planning time rolls around and I know that Tara had started her planning business so I reached out to her for help with my planning process. My husband and I both thought she was the right person for our wedding and she proved to be beyond what I expected. Most of the time, when working with a friend or someone I know, I have prepared myself to be disappointed and put some distance in the friendship, but after having Tara do our wedding planning, my respect for her as a person and a planner is tremendous. She pulled off a perfectly timed and wonderfully planned evening and was a constant source of guidance during the whole process. Even when vendors were difficult to coordinate with and get responses from, I could always count on Tara to sort it out and be on top of every detail. I could not have done any of this without her. Thank you Tara, from the bottom of mine and Wes’ hearts!

brittaney & wesley

Tara saved our wedding, this is not an understatement. I naively thought I could plan the wedding myself while juggling the duties of my full-time job. It became apparent quick that this was overwhelming and I needed someone to hire for full-time planning. With very little notice Tara was willing to take on the challenge of putting together our wedding with very little time. Tara the entire process was great about getting My wife and mine's availability to setup tastings, viewings of different vendors, walking our event space, etc. She is prompt to respond by text, phone, and e-mail and I never felt a gap or loss of communication. Most importantly, she put together a wedding that beat our own visions of our wedding space. We tasked her with creating a Great Gatsby vibe for our wedding with music, decorations, and theme. Our wedding space with our meager budget looked like it was straight from the movie. We are months out from our wedding date and are still receiving compliments about our wedding. I highly recommend Tara and cannot say enough about how painless, efficient, and wonderful our wedding process was. Thank you Tara.

david & lena

Tara was my day-of-coordinator and it was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made for my wedding. Even though I contacted Tara only few weeks before the wedding, her take-overs couldn’t gone more fast and smooth. Tara is a very fun and sweet person to work with, and she is super detail-oriented and thorough. Tara took care of SO many things in details with vendors and the day-of decoration that just allowed me to relax and to enjoy my wedding day. My husband and I still talk about how amazing Tara was on our wedding day, that the moment we were curious of what to do next, Tara suddenly shows up like a genie. We cannot recommend Tara enough as your wedding planner and day-of-coordinator!

jiwon & jeremy

Tara was the single best investment of our wedding. My husband and I live in MN and Tara made planning from afar simple. She spent time getting to know us and quickly understood and exceeded our needs. She added a level of comfort in planning and coordinating. She’s organized, detail oriented, professional, and can pick up on style, overall vision, and needs of the bride and groom very easily. Our day wouldn’t have happened without her!

kaylyn & dan

We had the pleasure of having Tara coordinate our wedding day upon recommendation from our photographer. She's such a lovely, kind, and helpful person. From our first email to our wedding day, she was always on top of all of our wedding's vendors and information. We had full trust in her due to her efficiency, advice, and confidence. We actually had some issues with one of our vendors and Tara went above and beyond to help make sure that vendor was going to show up on our wedding day so we didn't have to stress out. On the wedding day, she and her assistant Danielle did a phenomenal job making sure everything went according to schedule and made us feel very comfortable so we can actually enjoy our day. I would highly recommend Tara!

tina & jason

Coming into wedding planning, my fiancée and I were not even sure if we needed a wedding planner or not, but OMG we are so glad we got one...and particularly that we hired Tara. From the beginning she was so personable and easy to talk to. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she was available for all our needs and concerns amid all the changes. She communicated with all our vendors, our venue, our wedding party. When we decided to change our wedding into a mini ceremony, Tara quickly took charge. The day of the wedding, she took care of all the nuances and details that would have put such a damper and increased stress for us had we not had her on our team. My fiancee and I are so grateful. She really went above and beyond. So get a planner, and get Tara! We would hire her again in a heartbeat...actually we are, for our bigger wedding next year!

julienne & alex

We couldn't have pulled off our crazy wedding in Henderson, Nevada without Tara's help as we live in San Francisco. Tara is organized, sweet, knowledgable and proactive about meeting deadlines and meeting with us whenever we were in town. She's also not afraid to advocate for us when needed. For example, our venue tried to pressure us into setting up the bar in a different location than what was originally agreed upon a few days before the wedding, and Tara stood up for us and insisted that the bar be set-up where we wanted it to be. It also helps that she has a great eye for design so I trusted her with her recommendations whenever I wasn't sure about where and how to set things.

cat & dru

Tara is amazing! We had a destination wedding in Las Vegas from Arkansas. Tara knows all the best vendors and made the whole planning process to easy. I was warned over and over that I was going to hate wedding planning, and that it would be stressful, and that I'd be glad when it was over. I can honestly say that Tara made our wedding none of those things. I really enjoyed the planning. I was not stressed at all, and I was so sad when it was over. Tara took care of literally everything. On the day of the wedding, I was relaxing in a hot tub with my friends and my sister said, "I hate you. How are you able to just sit here with us on your wedding day?" My answer was, "Tara's got everything covered. I don't need to do anything." I told Tara in the beginning of our relationship that I really didn't have great vision when it came to decorating. She was incredibly creative and everything from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception was gorgeous. I have zero complaints and our wedding went off without a hitch. Work with Tara. You will not regret it!

roxane & dane

My fiance and I weren't planning to have anyone coordinate our wedding, but I'm so glad we changed our mind and hired Tara! It was the best decision we made in our planning process. It was so great to work with someone that 100% knew what they were doing - after our first phone call we quickly realized how much we needed help organizing and planning. Tara is very professional, and confident in what she does. She offered helpful advice every step of the way, and having her present at our wedding made everyone much more calm. Her friend/assistant Danielle was so great too! Tara puts so much time and commitment into her clients, and she even gave us a lovely personalized gift on our wedding day. We're so thankful!

eden & alexander


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